Who Is Shipwreck Productions?

Shipwreck Productions owner, John Shipman, has been in the music industry for 32 years. During that time he has sang and toured with bands, done promotion, booking, management, worked with industry professionals in the areas of management, video and audio recording, marketing, etc... If it involves music John has done it.

Shipwreck Productions utilizes John's experience and knowledge of the industry in dedicating itself to bringing the best entertainment to our events, and to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the fans. We do everything we can to make sure our events leave the fans with life long memories of a great experience, and the desire to attend future Shipwreck Productions events.

We are a full service event production, planning, and promotions company that specializes in bringing mainstream artists and local talent to venues across Ontario Canada. We pride ourselves on surpassing your entertainment needs with our broad network of contacts and reputable sponsors.

In this competitive industry we understand what it takes to appeal to all demographics and consistently deliver a safe and memorable event. Simply put, we see the demand for known artists and the need for local talent showcases and we strive to fill these needs.

All events that Shipwreck Productions produces on our own behalf raise funds for various charities we select. At present, our main focus is on charities related to cancer, children, mental health, and diabetes. We were recently introduced to the James Fund, which raises awareness and funds for the deadly childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

The James Fund was founded by the Birrell family when their child, James Birrell, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The Birrells discovered that there are profits to be made in common adult cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancers, and little to no profits to be made in childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma. Therefore there was little research in the field of neuroblastoma when James was diagnosed. The Birrells have changed that though.

The James Fund was started by the Birrells to save their child James, but has since turned into a movement and funding model that is emulated and celebrated around the world. Thanks to the James Fund there have been great strides in neuroblastoma research and treatment. The James Fund will be one of the charities that Shipwreck Productions raises awareness and funds for with our future events. We will be seeking out other charities that are similar to the James Fund, and will add them to the list of beneficiaries we raise awareness and funds for with our events. If you work for, or know of, similar charities please feel free to send us an email and let us know about them. Send the information to info@getshipwrecked.ca.